How to Make a Cake

In the 17th century, eggs became the primary ingredient in raising cakes, gradually replacing yeast. This was before the development of chemical raising agents. Eggs were beaten vigorously to add air to the cake. Early recipes called for beating four eggs for at least two hours. This created air bubbles that were trapped in the… Continue reading How to Make a Cake

Snake Breeding and Survival

Parthenogenesis Snakes can reproduce by parthenogenesis and there are several types of parthenogenesis. These mechanisms differ in each species but generally produce homozygous offspring. For example, the female produces a haploid polar body that fuses with the nucleus of the sperm cell to produce a diploid nucleus and a diploid genome. This type of parthenogenesis… Continue reading Snake Breeding and Survival

Types of Mortgages That Can Be Used to Pay Off a Mortgage on the House

The original homeowner may have a mortgage on the house that must be repaid after the home is sold. In many cases, the home is sold to pay off other debts. During these difficult times, the heirs of the deceased may be able to negotiate with the lender in order to eliminate the mortgage. However,… Continue reading Types of Mortgages That Can Be Used to Pay Off a Mortgage on the House

How to Qualify For a Government Backed Loan

When you consider applying for a government backed loan, there are several factors you should keep in mind. This type of loan is intended to provide more people with the opportunity to become homeowners while reducing the risk for lenders. There are some strict restrictions, however, so you should review the requirements and learn about… Continue reading How to Qualify For a Government Backed Loan


Reptiles are a group of animals with a common feature: cold-blooded, air-breathing bodies. They include snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, crocodiles, and alligators. Reptiles lay eggs to help them survive in the wild, and as adults, reptiles have scales to protect them from the elements. Four major groups of reptiles Reptiles are animals with skin that… Continue reading Reptiles