Top 5 Meal Kit Brands

Meal kit brands send pre-portioned and sometimes partially prepared ingredients and recipes for home-cooked meals. They eliminate the need for shopping and cooking, which makes them convenient for busy cooks.


Meal kit companies have exploded in popularity, with more than 150 services currently operating across the U.S. But they face challenges to growth and profitability.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a meal kit brand that delivers fresh, premeasured ingredients right to your doorstep. It offers a wide range of recipes that are healthy and delicious.

One of the best things about Blue Apron is that it’s affordable. The prices for their meal plans vary by the number of servings and meals you want to order each week, but they’re all around $30 per person.

Moreover, they have a great selection of vegetarian and low-carb recipes. They also post their nutrition facts clearly so you can choose if the recipe fits your dietary needs.

Meal kits are also a great way to cut down on food waste since the recipes are already portioned out for you, so you don’t need to worry about leftovers.

The recipes are also easy to make, so even novice cooks can put them together. The only drawback is that you need to plan ahead if you’re going to use the service regularly.

Overall, I think it’s a great option for busy people who want to eat healthily. It’s also a good way to avoid waste and save money.

In terms of the quality of the ingredients, I’d say that it’s comparable to what you’d get in a restaurant. The meat is high-quality, and the vegetables are fresh and flavorful.

They also offer a variety of flavors, including Asian, Mediterranean, and American cuisines. Many of the recipes are simple and take only a few minutes to prepare.

The meats and veggies are sourced from farms and distributors that meet Blue Apron’s animal welfare policy. They are all humanely raised and fed a diet that is free of antibiotics, hormones, and artificial ingredients.

Another plus is that the recipes are gluten-free and vegan friendly. In addition, they offer recipes that are low-carb and diabetic friendly.

The company is a leader in the meal delivery market and they are always working to add new recipes and options. They are also constantly improving their customer service. This includes offering account management tools so you can skip weeks, change out recipes, or pause your subscription at any time.


HelloFresh is a meal kit brand that offers a large variety of recipes for a low cost. It’s a good choice for people who want to cut back on processed foods or order take-out. It also has a high customer satisfaction rating and many positive reviews from customers.

You can sign up for the meal kits on their website or via the HelloFresh app. Once you register, you’ll be able to personalize your plan by choosing your dietary preferences and the number of meals you’d like to receive per week. You can choose from six dietary categories, including meat & veggie, family-friendly, fit & wholesome, quick & easy, pescatarian, and vegetarian.

Meal kit companies are a popular way for busy people to save time in the kitchen. They eliminate the need for shopping and meal planning, which can help to reduce stress levels and make a healthier lifestyle easier to maintain.

When signing up for a HelloFresh account, you’ll be asked to fill out a few details, including your email address, payment information, and delivery date. You can also cancel or pause your subscription at any time with a simple click of the button.

HelloFresh’s menus are based on a forecasting algorithm that predicts what customers will be most interested in. This means that consumers can try new meals they might not otherwise have tried, and it’s a great way to save money while eating healthy.

The recipes from HelloFresh are usually quite tasty and easy to prepare. Moreover, the company’s recipe cards are well-illustrated and provide detailed instructions for how to cook each dish.

Another feature of the HelloFresh recipe cards is that they include full nutritional information, calorie counts, and protein and fat content for each dish. This makes it easy for newcomers to the world of cooking to get started without a lot of hassle.

Unlike other meal kit brands, HelloFresh’s menus offer recipes that are suitable for a wide range of dietary needs. This includes meals that are both high in protein and low in carbs, which is a plus for people who are trying to lose weight.


Methodology is a meal kit company that sends meals that are super fresh, ready-to-eat and made with all natural ingredients. You can choose meals that are vegan, gluten-free and keto friendly.

You can also customize your orders, so you can have a meal plan that works best for your family. It’s a fun way to try new things and make healthier choices when you’re on the go!

According to Linda Nguyen, the founder and CEO of Methodology, they strive to provide customers with healthy and delicious food that is easy to prepare. They use glass jars to keep food fresh, and their meals are often colorful, so you can easily see what’s inside.

The company’s customer insights team tracks all touchpoints, including voice of the customer surveys and digital data. They then look at this to inform their product strategy and how they can improve the user experience for future customers.

One of the biggest challenges that Blue Apron faces is finding ways to increase their retention rate. They have many factors to consider when deciding what types of customers they want to retain, such as active churn (customers who are cancelling), expansion revenue (existing customers who buy more products) and delinquent churn (customers who haven’t paid or credit card has expired).

Their strategy to reduce active churn includes improving their signup process, focusing on customer service and adding more reassurance in their emails. They have also boosted their marketing campaigns and lowered their prices.

Another aspect of their strategy that helps keep their churn low is the add-ons they offer, which are part of their subscription model. The reassurance they provide to customers is important because it keeps them coming back for more, which can increase their lifetime value.

They do this by offering more meals and making sure their recipes aren’t too similar to other meal kits in the market. They also do things like restrict pairings of popular meals in real time and anticipate demand per week so they can ensure they always have the right amount of ingredients available for customers.


Territory is a meal delivery brand that delivers fresh, healthy meals to customers. The company’s menu features more than 50 unique dishes per week and is curated by independent chefs in your area. The company’s meals are suited to a wide range of eating patterns, including vegan, vegetarian, keto and paleo diets.

As an added bonus, Territory is free of gluten and dairy, which makes it perfect for people with celiac disease, wheat allergies or lactose intolerance. Additionally, the meals are low-fat and diabetic-friendly.

The company works with a network of local chefs and nutritionists to create their menus, which are then delivered to your door. The company offers a variety of meal plans and is available in cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco.

Each recipe is vetted by the company’s nutritionists and dieticians, who are also involved in the cooking process. They list the calories, fat, protein, carbs, and ingredients in each dish so you can make a smart choice that fits your lifestyle and health goals.

Territory also prides itself on providing nutritious and wholesome meals without the use of refined sugar or other harmful ingredients. All of their dishes are prepared with healthy, high-quality, nutrient-rich ingredients that are naturally raised and free of antibiotics and hormones.

It’s also important to note that Territory’s food is sourced locally and sustainably. It focuses on sourcing sustainable fish, vegetables and fruits from farms or ranches that are certified organic or are committed to environmentally friendly practices.

Finally, all the meals in the Territory program are designed to accommodate various dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and Whole30. The meals are all low-fat and can support pre- and postnatal nutrition needs as well.

In addition to its diverse and delicious selection of foods, the company’s mission is to support those overcoming barriers to healthy eating through its charity work. The company donates meals and funds to organizations that empower those who are disproportionately affected by food insecurity.

Compared to other meal delivery services, Territory offers the largest selection of nutritious meals for a variety of dietary needs. In addition, the company has an extensive rotating menu that changes every week. It’s also the only meal kit company to offer a vegan keto option, which is ideal for anyone trying to lose weight or transition to a low-carb diet.