How to Choose the Right Removal Van for Your House Move

There are a few things to consider before choosing a removal van. For example, the number of vans needed depends on the specific move. For instance, if you are moving from your parents’ house to an apartment in a different city, you may want to hire two vans to transport your things to two different locations. Or, if you are moving to a shared house with roommates, you may 포장 이사 want to hire two vans to transport your belongings.

Size of a removal van

The size of a removal van is crucial when you’re moving house. It depends on the type of goods you have to move, your needs, and the Mover’s policy. Most vans are generally the same size, but certain vans are larger than others. If you have only a few pieces of furniture, a small van like a Volkswagen Transporter might be perfect. Otherwise, you’ll want to hire a larger removal van.

A van with a 3.5 ton weight capacity is the workhorse of the removals industry. A van with this capacity will comfortably fit the contents of a two-bedroom house. However, it will take a skillful packer to pack household goods properly. A seasoned removals operative will know how to maximize cubic footage.

Size of a pantechnicon van

A Pantechnicon removal van is the ideal vehicle for a medium to large house removal. Their spacious interior provides ample room to move most items. To find out the size you require, check our moving guide. It will show you how much space your possessions will need. Generally, a 7.5 ton van or a Pantechnicon will suffice.

The van was originally a horse-drawn vehicle that delivered and collected furniture. It was distinctly branded with the name of the building it delivered and collected from. This style of van was then adopted by other removal companies.

Size of a 7.5 ton luton van

A 7.5 ton Luton removal van is the perfect size for a three bedroom house move. With a total capacity of 880 cubic feet, it can fit up to forty medium boxes, as well as furniture and other items. This truck can also accommodate a dishwasher and fridge-freezer. However, if you plan to move a family or a large household, a larger van is required.

The 7.5 ton Luton van is the largest removals vehicle on the market. It’s bigger than the previous 3.5 ton Luton Van, but still compact enough to navigate narrow London streets. It’s almost identical to the previous 3.5 ton Luton, and it’s well-equipped to handle most big removals jobs. This van can fit forty to fifty boxes and can haul three to four sofas or dining tables.

Size of a long wheel transit van

Compared to other vans, the Ford Transit is large and tough. It can haul people, cargo and work crew. It is available in various wheelbases and heights to fit different purposes. In the United States, the Transit is the most popular commercial van. It is available in three different wheelbases and two different heights.

The Ford Transit has three different body styles, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. It is a perfect van for contractors and tradesmen who need to move inventory, equipment, and other goods from one place to another. The long wheelbase model is ideal for hauling heavy loads and cargo.

A Ford Transit van has an 83-inch width when the mirrors are extended. It is a highly versatile van that is easy to drive. One of the smallest versions of the Transit is the Transit Connect. It is available in two wheelbases, a regular and a long wheelbase.

Size of a 3.5 ton luton van

A 3.5 ton Luton van is a popular choice for removal companies. They are often fitted with a tail lift for easier manoeuvring in narrow streets. Typically, these vans can fit up to forty standard moving boxes and can even accommodate a double bed and all your white goods.

A 3.5 ton Luton removal van has a payload capacity of around 3,500 kg. However, its payload capacity depends on the unladen weight. This capacity will vary between models and manufacturers. Check the VIN plate to find out what your van can carry.

Size of a 3.5 ton Lu-to-non removal van: The size of a 3.5-ton Luton van is best suited for a medium-sized removal. The name of the van derives from the town of Luton in Bedfordshire. Luton vans were originally designed to carry a large amount of lighter goods.